Additional Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders

July 26, 2018

  1. Our purchase order will be used to provide you with the relevant information to describe the product or service we are ordering including (as applicable):
    • any specific requirements for approval of the product or service,
    • any specific methods, processes or equipment that must be used
    • any specific requirement for the release of the product to Advan-Tech
    • any requirements for qualification of personnel
    • any verification activities we intend to perform at your location
    • any special requirements, critical items or key characteristics
    • any tests or verifications we are asking you to perform
    • any SPC requirements
  2. A Certificate of Conformance (C of C) is required that defines the services provided conform to all provisions specified on the PO, applicable drawings and specification and are free of mercury contamination to the best of your knowledge. The C of C shall be signed by an authorized QA Representative.
  3. Material, chemical and physical properties shall be supplied defining the originating mill or resin source and related lot number(s).
  4. All material supplied is subject to our inspection and approval. The right to reject material and/or cancel any order balance if shipment(s) do not comply with stated specification or schedule.
  5. When required, we will flow down the applicable requirements (including the requirements of our customers communicated through the purchase order) to you. This may include using a customer designated external provider of secondary services.
  6. You must:
    • Implement a quality management system (preferably registered to ISO 9001)
    • Inform Advan-Tech of any non-conforming product and obtain our approval before disposition
    • Prevent the use of counterfeit parts
    • Notify Advan-Tech of any changes in product or process, changes in your suppliers to our product, process or service, changes of manufacturing facility location and, if deemed required by Advan-Tech’s President, obtaining our approval prior to making the change.
    • Provide test specimens if requested
    • Retain all records relating to our product/service activities for a minimum of 10 years in a manner that is secure and ensure the records can be readily retrieved.
    • Ensure Advan-Tech, our customers and any relevant regulatory authorities will be granted right of access to applicable areas of your facility and any facility in the supply chain that was involved in the order as well as all applicable records. This is per AS9003 4.6.4 “Right of Entry,” Advan-Tech and its customer reserve the right to observe on-site processes and records pertaining to our parts.
  7. Your personnel are critical to our success. Please ensure that they are aware of:
    • Their contribution to product or service conformity
    • Their contribution to product safety
    • The importance of ethical behavior